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Please let us introduce ourselves. We are Cor & Wilma Verschut, and live together with our adult son and our dogs and cats in a green environment in a small city called Dronten.

After living without cats for 10 years, in autumn 2012 we really felt like wanting to have a cat again. It should be a cat that could stay inside our home and garden, as cats in our neighbors garden is not highly appreciated in our neighborhood.


We both owned cats for all our lives, but for the last years, we devoted our lives to breeding pure bred dogs, till a couple of years ago Newfoundland dogs and Coton de Tuléar, but recently just Coton de Tuléar.

As we own 5 doggies, we went searching for a pure bred cat that would fit in with the dogs in a good way. We did not want a fully long haired coat, although Wilma had Persians for years (pet ) which she loved a lot.

Soon we found the Ragdoll, which did not only looked gorgeous in our opinion but also their characters described what we were looking for in a cat. They are strongly build, so can meet with our dogs and called dogs among cats. Besides that, they are cuddly and easy going cats. Even the Persians were represented a small bit in them.

Finding a good responsible breeder, who was also willing to help us find a female kitten that we would be able to breed ( yes, sorry it’s in our genes) was not easy. Many breeders write already on their websites that they do not want to get in touch with people who want to breed their kittens…which we respect and understand of course but did not made our search easy.

We found Hans and Crista on the internet and we were allowed to come for a visit to meet them and their lovely cats….and we fell in love of course ! They trusted us with 2 of their lovely kittens…and we enjoy every little piece of them !!

Recently we bought our 3-th kitten in the Republic of Czech, she will be for now the last addition in our cattery as we do not want to grow towards a big cattery.

In future we hope to have our own stud male, but it’s to early for that at this moment.


It’s all a new challenge, get knowledge of everything again, discover….where we know a lot in dog breeding regarding illnesses, genetics and pedigree’s, in Ragdoll’s we have to start all over again.
But again, we enjoy every piece of it, what a lovely breed the Ragdoll is and how well they fit in our pack of dogs !

We do not want to just “multiple“ the breed, but be dedicated to preserve this wonderful breed, help to keep it healthy and remain the gorgeous looks and health of this breed.

We hope to let you enjoy them with us a little bit, through this homepage!


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