About the breed :

The Ragdoll breed is “born “ in the 60’s, in the United States of America. It’s not spontaneously bred, but well aware created, bases on several specific characteristics by Mrs Ann Baker. With the Persian looking white female “Josephine “ it all begun.

In the first place, Mrs. Baker selected the Ragdoll breed for it’s character. The “traditional “ colors came from a male called “Daddy Warbucks “ which had the appearance of a Birman cat, but was not officially one, and from his daughter, “Raggedy Ann Fugianne “ which is nowadays called a badly marked Bi-Color.
Ann Baker registered the Ragdoll as an official Trademark, and a new breed was born…


She called them Ragdoll’s because of the fact that those cats are completely flabby and relaxed in your arms if you hold them, like ragdolls.

The traditional Ragdoll is found in 3 different markings :

  • Colourpoint : Mask, ears, legs and tail are fully colored. Body color is a lighter shade of color, beige creamy. Chest mostly lighter then the other parts of the body.
    A Colourpoint is not allowed to have white markings.

  • Mitted : Mitted means the cat wears gloves. On a mitted the “points “are colored but they have small white sock son their front legs, and higher white boots on their back legs. From their chin till tail they have a white belly stripe. Some mitteds have a white blaze.

  • Bi-color : Mask is colored but has a up-side – down, white “V” marking on it. Tail and ears are colored. Chin, chest , belly and legs are white.

Most common colors are Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red, Crème en Tortie, all those colors also come in lynx (tabby) pattern too.

Also Solid Ragdoll’s ( solid colors, no markings ) do exist , as do Mink and Sepia colored one’s.

Character :
The Ragdolls are people-orientated, social cats. They are friendly and very curious. Because of those characteristics Ragdoll’s are not suitable to live on the streets, and should stay inside our own house and ( fenced !) garden. Letting a Ragdoll out on the streets on his own, is irresponsible !

Ragdoll’s are nice family cats and will perfectly fit in with families with children as well as with other pets. As they are very social cats, it’s no good to them to be home alone all day. Do you have a job or are away from home due other reasons a lot and love to own a Ragdoll anyway : We advise you to take 2 of them, so they can spend their time together when nobody is home.



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